Steve Roche

Steve Roche - Vineyard & Operations Manager


Steve Roche, our Vineyard & Operations Manager, has always had a passion for farming ever since growing up in Cape Town, South Africa. He brings a wealth of experience in organic grape-growing.  Following his viticultural studies in Stellenbosch, South Africa, Steve worked for a variety of premier wineries in South Africa, Ontario, and now British Columbia. Steve strongly believes that we are the custodians of our land on behalf of future generations and that it is our duty to leave the soil in a better condition than we found it.  Combining this with his strong technical background and utilizing organic and biodynamic frameworks, Steve works to produce the highest-quality grapes that reflect the unique nature of our land.  When not farming, Steve keeps himself very busy as a volunteer firefighter, cowboy, private pilot … and trying to break 100 km/h on his snowboard!