Belinda Rose-Innes

Belinda Rose-Innes - Wine Club & Social Media Coordinator


Belinda Rose-Innes, our Wine Club, marketing and social media manager, comes to Clos du Soleil with over 20 years’ experience in the communications field, including copywriting, editing, social media management, content marketing and consumer relationship marketing. Many of those years were spent writing about (and tasting!) whisky, and she is very excited to be using that wealth of experience, and flavour, to cross over into the world of wonderful, oh so wonderful, wine.

Belinda has completed her Level 2 Diploma with the Wine and Spirit Education Trust and is very excited to enrol for Level 3 when she next finds time between her work and other wine-related adventures.

When she’s not writing about wine or helping Wine Club members, and the world, discover (or re-discover) Clos du Soleil’s wonderful wines, Belinda can be found hiking or running on the many Okanagan trails with her dog, spending time on the beach with her family, or desperately trying to get her two kids to go to sleep so that she can have that well-deserved end-of-day glass of wine.