Winecrush Market delivers the Similkameen Valley’s first Picnic station


The Winecrush Market in Penticton delivered the first and only “Picnic Station” in the Similkameen Valley to our wine shop. Visitors can now choose from a selection of amazing Winecrush products including OKV Pinot Noir Chorizo, OKV Turkey RhinePaté, cheeses, crisps, and mustards.

It is a full and unique picnic experience that makes an innovative use of Winecrush’s unique Winecrush Powder derived from the used grapes skins that remain after a winery has crushed the grapes to make wine. The powder has plenty of polyphenol antioxidants and other beneficial nutrients that make these picnic items a lot more healthy and, most importantly, amazingly tasty!

Since they are derived from grapes, all of these products naturally pair beautifully with wines of all colours! Experience a Winecrush Picnic Station at our wine shop all summer long.