Clos du Soleil Supports Psychological First Aid for Essential Services Workers

Clos du Soleil supports Essential Services Workers


** UPDATE: This promotion has now ended.

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on lives, and livelihoods, around the globe, in so many different ways. It’s easy to feel helpless, powerless, anxious, unsure of what to do, or how to help.

At Clos du Soleil we are doing our best to support our community, and our customers, in any way we can. We want to do more though. That is why we have partnered with the British Columbia Psychological Association to offer financial support for their recently launched BCPA COVID-19 Psychological Support Service.


For every one of our newly-created specialty wine packs sold – The Flagships & The Essentials – we will donate 10% of the proceeds to the BCPA Psychological First Aid program, providing direct support to the provision of psychological support services for all essential services workers in BC.


More about the BCPA COVID-19 Psychological Support Service

UBCO has teamed up with provincial resources to support frontline healthcare workers, as well as all other essential services workers, in a program where registered psychologists volunteer their time to provide live mental health first aid.

All of BC’s essential services workers can now access an online support service to help them cope with the psychological effects of the COVID-19 crisis. There are people out there are saving lives, keeping our families fed, providing services to keep our lives as normal as possible in these topsy turvy times, but they need support.

Earlier this month, UBC Okanagan announced – in a partnership with the BC Psychological Association (BCPA) and the Association of Nurses and Nurse Practitioners of BC (NNPBC) – a program to offer psychological first aid to frontline healthcare workers, as well as all the other essential services workers trying to keep our lives on as much of an even keel as possible.

“There is emerging evidence that the psychological effects of COVID-19 are just as great as the physical effects, particularly for frontline healthcare workers,” says Dr. Lesley Lutes, a UBCO professor of psychology, registered psychologist and lead on the new initiative.

Recent studies indicate that frontline workers are significantly more likely to suffer from the negative mental health effects of being at the epicentre of the pandemic (data shows 52% report symptoms of depression and anxiety while 70% report clinical levels of distress), and thus there is an unprecedented need for immediate action to provide support to these critical workers. The new BCPA Psychological First Aid initiative will deliver free live access to psychological services to any frontline healthcare worker. Furthermore, recognizing the distress, strain and worry for ALL essential services workers – the grocery store clerks, the pharmacy technicians, the gas station attendants, the truck drivers, etc. – this service is also available to all those providing essential services, and will expand even further to the wider public in the coming weeks with additional resources.

The BCPA is providing administrative support for this program, along with UBCO’s expertise and resources. Even more important though is the fact that this initiative is only operating through the kindness of more than 200 registered psychologists volunteering their time, who are signed up, trained, and ready to support residents of BC.

When you buy a Clos du Soleil specialty pack, this is where 10% of the proceeds will be going. Buy yours here.

On the frontline? To find out how you can access this support, and request a support call, click here.


More about the Clos du Soleil Specialty Wine Packs

10% of the proceeds (pre-tax price) from every pack sold will be donated to the BCPA Psychological First Aid program. 

If you’d like to donate more to the BCPA Psychological First Aid program you can do so directly from our online store – we have options for donations of $10, $20, $50 and $100. All additional donations will be donated to the BCPA in their entirety.

Please note: our specialty packs – The Flagships and The Essentials – do not qualify for the 10% members discount. 



Clos du Soleil - The Essentials PackThe Essentials

The Essentials four-pack showcases the fun, full-flavoured side of Clos du Soleil wines. All of the wines in this pack are highly quaffable and food-friendly, without ever losing sight of the philosophies which guide our winemaking: minimal handling and minimal intervention, to deliver wine which speaks of the beauty and uniqueness of our particular piece of rocky Similkameen land.

Wines included in The Essentials pack are:

2 x Célestiale 2016

1 x Fumé Blanc 2019

1 x Pinot Blanc 2019 (a brand new release!)

Price (pre-tax): $82.90


Clos du Soleil - The Flagships PackThe Flagships

The Flagships four-pack showcases the very best of the Clos du Soleil portfolio of wines: all of the wines in this pack are carefully crafted with a light hand – minimal handling and minimal intervention – to deliver wine which speaks of the beauty of our land and showcases the unique Similkameen terroir.

Wines included in The Flagships pack are:

1 x Estate Reserve Red 2015

1 x Signature 2016

1 x Capella 2017

1 x Saturn 2017

Price (pre-tax): $137.90


More COVID-19 Mental Health Resources

Feeling overwhelmed and stressed? You are not alone. We are all in this together. The links below provide useful resources provided by the BCPA.


E-Book: Face Covid, by Russ Harris

E-Book for kids: The Oyster and The Butterfly – The Corona Virus and Me, by Ana M. Gomez