Clos du Soleil Invests in a New Vineyard

North-facing view of Clos du Soleil's new vineyard


Clos du Soleil is pleased to announce the acquisition of a new vineyard – their second in the last year and a half.

The new 10-acre vineyard will be christened “La Côte”, reveals Winemaker and Managing Director Michael Clark. This is a nod to both Clos du Soleil’s French influence and the vineyard’s unique topography. More specifically, La Côte has been named for the steep but even slope throughout the vineyard which gives the entire plot a southward-facing aspect – ideal for grape growing.

The soil at La Côte too is ideal for grape growing. Located just down the road from the Clos du Soleil Estate Vineyard on the Upper Bench of the Similkameen Valley, the new vineyard exhibits exactly the same terroir characteristics: well-draining stony soils, with water-holding capacity and some organic matter. This soil composition is important to note because it is in line with Clark’s belief that “living soils are crucial to maintaining vine health and for producing grapes that most truly represent their place”. Which is also why Clos du Soleil will immediately begin conversion of the property to organic and biodynamic practices, in line with the winery’s existing viticultural methods.

Mike Clark, Clos du Soleil Winemaker & Managing Director
“We believe we can produce extremely high quality fruit from this site.” Winemaker & Managing Director Mike Clark

“La Côte already boasts mature vitis vinifera vines, over 10 years in age,” reveals Clark, “and we believe we can produce extremely high quality fruit from this site. The varieties already planted in this vineyard will allow us to bring some brand-new small-lot wines to customers in the coming years, which is very exciting. However, in line with our long-time focus on Bordeaux varieties, we will progressively convert select blocks of the vineyard to more of the same over time. This will supplement our core focus on elegant and age-worthy wines blended from Bordeaux varieties but tasting unmistakably of the Similkameen.”

Vineyard & Operations Manager Steve Roche is excited to get started “managing this wonderful parcel of land overlooked by massive rock outcrops. The loamy soils here, the result of many years of erosion and decaying plant matter, should produce fruit of outstanding quality and complexity which, combined with the terroir of this site, will result in truly unique wines, reflecting their place of origin in the heart of the Similkameen valley.”

This vineyard brings with it the promise of new releases, limited edition wines, as well as more of the classic but terroir-driven wines Clos du Soleil specializes in. “I am truly delighted with this new acquisition,” says Clark. “It will help us expand our production at Clos du Soleil, and to grow grapes to our most exacting standards, exhibiting the unique qualities of the Similkameen Valley. I’m really excited to begin working with this new fruit in our cellar, and sharing it with our loyal customers.”