Clos du Soleil Harvest 2022

Clos du Soleil Saturn 2022 in the works... Late harvest Sauvignon Blanc grapes waiting to be picked


It’s time for our annual harvest update, and we’re delighted to reveal that the 2022 Clos du Soleil harvest is one that has us particularly excited. We spoke to winemaker Michael Clark for some behind-the-scenes, in-the-eye-of-the-winemaker insights into what is destined to become the 2022 vintage.

Clos du Soleil Harvest 2022: Harvest Update

What did Clos du Soleil harvest this year?

We harvested Bordeaux-variety whites (specifically Sauvignon Blanc and Sémillon), Bordeaux-variety reds (Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Malbec & Petit Verdot), Syrah, Chardonnay, and Pinot Gris. We also harvested an important amount of “Select Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc,” picked in late November, to make our dessert-wine, Saturn.

How many tons of grapes did Clos du Soleil crush in 2022?

153 tons of grapes – our largest harvest ever!

Number of vineyards we farmed in 2022?

We farm four vineyards at Clos du Soleil. Three located on the Upper Bench of the Similkameen Valley, and a fourth vineyard located near the Similkameen River.

When did harvest start and when did it end?

Harvest started for us on September 27th, and finished on November 19th. It was both a late start, and a late finish.

Most memorable moment of the 2022 harvest?

I can’t believe I’m admitting this, but I [Clos du Soleil winemaker Mike] actually ran my car keys through my snowblower. I was very tired. I do not recommend doing this to your keys, or to your snowblower. It wasn’t pretty.

Favourite post-work beverage during 2022 harvest?


Favourite energy-boosting snack during 2022 harvest?

Burgers. Followed by sleep.

Which wine destined to come out of the 2022 vintage are you, the winemaker, most excited about?

Actually, quality is looking extraordinarily good across the board. We are very excited about the potential for the 2022 vintage. One wine I would highlight is our late-harvest dessert wine, called Saturn, made from Sauvignon Blanc. We don’t make it every year, and in fact we haven’t made it for several years, so I am really excited to say that we will have a 2022 vintage of Saturn, and it is looking really special.

Thoughts on the 2022 vintage?

It was a challenging vintage from a production standpoint, because the quantities were healthy, but they all had to be harvested in a compressed time period, as many varieties ripened at the same time, and the harvest had started so late. However, quality in the end is excellent, across the board. What really made this vintage was the beautiful, dry autumn weather, with warm days but cold nights, which lasted long into the fall. This allowed for optimal ripening, and the kind of classical style that we aim for at Clos du Soleil. 2022 is guaranteed to be a memorable vintage.