Similkameen Wine Country Features in Culinaire Magazine

Clos du Soleil features in Culinaire Magazine


“There’s a transcendent beauty to [the Similkameen Valley], one echoed in the character of those who call it home.”

If you’ve never heard of the Similkameen Valley, and the many wonderful wineries, orchards and farms that call this sunny, rocky corner of British Columbia home, this is quite the introduction. (One which will no doubt have you itching for a road trip…) And if you are already acquainted with the magic of the Similkameen, you’ll no doubt agree with Jeannette LeBlanc’s assessment of the land we call home for her latest feature for Culinaire Magazine (pg 28-31).

We are thrilled to feature in the May/June 2020 issue of Culinaire Magazine in ‘The Resilient, Remarkable, Similkameen Valley’, alongside so many of our wonderful, resilient, remarkable neighbours. Read the full feature here (pages 28 to 31), or click on the image below.

Many thanks to both Jeannette LeBlanc and Culinaire Magazine for their ongoing support of the Similkameen Valley and BC wine in general.

Culinaire Magazine Similkameen Valley Feature by Jeannette LeBlanc - May 2020